BTS covers and song links

It’s been a fun couple of months getting to know various ARMY members, sharing lots of positive vibes and hearing lots of great stories about how BTS and the ARMY are helping people of all ages all over the world.

I’ve also attempted a couple of BTS covers myself – and taken part in a wonderful ARMY collab video for the lovely crew at @BTSRadioUK.

I’ve put them all together right here for anyone who’d like to take a look.

Watch this space for more fun things to come. Enjoy!



LINK HERE: Truth Untold cover



LINK HERE: Dimple cover



LINK HERE: Epiphany cover



LINK HERE: Love Myself ARMY video


For my other BTS bits and pieces, check out these links…

Smells Like BTS Spirit – The Tale of One Small Tweet and One Giant ARMY

Love Yourself ‘Answer’ – BTS album review

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